Ancient secrets

Ancient beauty secrets that works

Nature provides us a wide variety of items which have been combined for many years in a series of remedies that preserve the attractiveness of hands and feet. Many of these elements have been included on the formulation of effective products like those available at Combining all the mentioned resources you will obtain healthier and stronger nails without having to resort to expensive beauty treatments.

Information revealed by ancient records

Until recently, the scientific community did not have a clear idea regarding the exact stage on which primates developed nails. However, that question has been answered a few months ago by researchers of the University of Florida. According to their investigations, those hardened cells of the fingers appeared in our ancestors about 50 million years ago, facilitating a more sensitive tactile interaction.

The analysis conducted by Florida paleontologists on earliest fossil evidence, also indicates that such hardened cells were built with the assistance of specific nutrients. This is why it is so important the intake of foods with high content of vitamins A and B, especially in cases where nails are too fragile. Therefore, the preference for foods like tomatoes, cereals, red peppers, nuts, carrots and almonds is a clever strategy inherited from our ancestors.

These days, these nutrients constitute the active principles of many creams that have been specially formulated to protect the ungueal tissue. If you have been noticing slight changes in the appearance of your nails like the emergence of whitish or yellowish spots, you probably need a more specialized product. At you can find topical treatments like ZetaClear that have been made with organic ingredients which prevent the spread of parasitic agents.

Olive oil is one of these remarkable constituents. Since ancient times it has been combined with many organic resources to create powerful natural treatments that preserve the beauty of nails. For instance, to strengthen them and enhance their resistance, you can mix the mentioned element with a few drops of lemon juice. This mixture will also help to hydrate the tissues from the deepest layers.

Besides, a combination of lemon and olive oil can restore the natural color of ungueal plate due to its high content of vitamin C. You just have to apply the mixture on your nails through gentle massages. You can resort to this treatment at least twice a week and preferably at night.

Natural solutions to preserve the beauty of your nails

Another effective way to strengthen fragile nails by means of the use of home remedies is to resort to natural oils. These resources have a high content of nutrients and vitamins that help to repair them and maintain them always healthy and hydrated.

Castor oil concentrates an important amount of vitamin E which makes it an ideal ally when it comes to hardening brittle nails. It is also very useful to hydrate cuticles.

Almond oil strengthens and moisturizes the tissue of ungueal plate. In addition, it increases the smoothness of the skin. Both resources can be found on adequate doses in the composition of natural solutions available at Regardless of the nature of the problem, you can always rely on these treatments to have beautiful and perfect nails.