Man actions and twilight of the mammoths

Although the climate change added pressure, the truth is that the humankind has triggered the extinction of the mammoths. In fact, numerous other ice age beasts have disappeared in the Holocene extinction, which is mainly due to human activity. We hunt them, destroy their natural habitats, and pollute the ecosystems. Many species have become extinct, and the list of endangered animals gets longer every year. Read more information about man actions and twilight of the mammoths.

What really happened in the twilight of the mammoths

The mammoth – scientifically known as Mammuthus – lived from the Pliocene epoch (almost 5 million years ago) into the Holocene (approximately 4,500 years ago). The majestic creatures had long, curved tusks, characteristic to the family Elephantidae. Yes, the same as the modern elephants. Where could you have found the mammoths? In Europe, Africa, North America, and Asia. The evidence shows that mammoths disappeared about 3 or 4 million years ago. Their descendants moved north and covered vast areas in Eurasia.

Why did they disappear? For a long time, we thought that the last species had vanished from southern Siberia and Europe approximately 12,000 years ago. But new findings show that they were still living 10 thousand years ago. Large masses have disappeared around the last glacial retreat, in the mass extinction of megafauna. However, small populations have survived in Alaska (until the year 3750 BC) and on Wrangel Island (until approximately 1650 BC).

The glacial retreat due to the warming trend brought rising sea levels. The forests have replaced the open grasslands and woodlands all over the continent. However, the climate alone wouldn’t have triggered the extinction of mammoths. The spread of the advanced human hunters in America and Eurasia played a crucial role. Neanderthals butchered them, while Homo sapiens built dwellings using mammoth bones.

How man actions destroy our planet

Archeologists have explained to us that such episodes of climate change were nothing new. Million years before the ice age, similar warming events took place, but without causing megafaunal extinctions. In our days, we can definitely observe the current warming trend. The carbon dioxide level is higher than ever, while the small variations in our planet’s orbit have changed the quantity of solar energy we receive.

The tropical mountain glaciers and ice cores drowned in Antarctica and Greenland prove that the planet’s climate reacts to the modifications occurred in greenhouse gas levels. What is worse is that the current warming happens almost 10 times faster than the warming that took place during the ice age.

We cannot stop wondering what will be the next twilight. How many other species will become extinct because of man actions? We need to make a change and adopt policies that will slow the climate warming. We ought to reduce pollution, recycle more, stop the hunting and, generally speaking, stopping destroying our beautiful planet.

Man actions and twilight of the mammoths are only one dark episode that proves the effects of evolution, our greed, and negligence. Learn why nature matters and how to get involved to save Earth and its beautiful ecosystems!